1st WMBF-MBAI National Muay Boran Championship

National Muay Boran Championship at Mysoor, Chamundi Vihar Indoor Stadium 7th And 8th November 2015

Muay Thai And Muay Boran National Training Camp & Referee Judge Seminar

Muay Thai And Muay Boran National Training Camp And Referee Judge Seminar at Mysoor, 2nd to 6th november 2015

Kerala junior Muay Thai Team in national championship
South india muay thai medal winners 2012
Mr Binu joseph receiving certificate from the Hornarble President of MFI
1st Kerala State Muai Thai Referees at head office KSMA

1st Kerala State Muay Thai Championship at VK Convention Center, Melattur

FIRST INTER CLUB MUAY THAI championship and 4th Muay Thai title belt championship 2020

IM Vijayan joined as Cheif Patron of Kerala State Muay Thai Association